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1 year ago

Hair cleanser


Sturdy packaging

Pleasant fragrance

I came to know about The Richfeel Scalp Cleanser in my teens and the results are so effective and excellent that I am still using it in my early 30’s. so what happen was that a new roommate came in my room where I used to stay as a paying guest. I was really mesmerised with the quality of long hair she had and end up enquiring about the shampoo. After knowing it was this Richfeels shampoo I instantly bought one for me too as was really concerned about the quality of my hair back than. With regular use of this shampoo I have realised that the quality of my hair have been improving day by day. This shampoo is very gentle on my hair and cleanses my scalp and hair tresses well. It helps me in getting rid of all ,the dirt and dust which settles on my hair through out the day efficiently. The smell of this one is very refreshing and I feel fresh every single time I apply.

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