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1 year ago




Medical formula

Prescribed by dermatologists

I have always preferred to use the herbal and natural ingredients shampoos over the chemicals and medicate ones. But over the period of time I have realised that these gentle shampoos were not getting me rid of my hair problems as tey seem to be really very much gentle. I than decided to try out Cipla Sebowash Shampoo which was being prescribed to me by my dermatologist. Being medicated and as being advised by the doctor I was somewhat hesitant to use it initially but alter when I saw the results I was really very happy with it. I regret that why did not I use it before on my hair. The results are very spontaneous, unlike the other shampoos that I used till now in the past. It ahs also helped me in getting rid of my dandruff problems a lot. The texture of this shampoo is really creamy and a small amount is enough for a single head bath as it lathers very well.

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