Himalaya Herbals Sensi Relief Herbal Toothpaste Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.5


1 year ago

Helps in sensitivity


Herbal ingredients

Suitable for all ages

Does not contain parabens

Free from fluoride

Recently I was facing so many issues related to my teeth and hence I though it is very important to consider a nice tooth paste now and change the existing one. I was neither too happy with all the tooth pastes that I have used till now in the past and therefore wanted some newly launched toothpaste for not only me but also for my family members. Aslo I was looking for some herbal options as they do not have any side effects. One day while buying my groceries I cam across Himalaya Herbals Sensi Relief Herbal Toothpaste and I thought to try the same out. Ever since i started using tis toothpaste I feel that the sensitivity that I used to have in my teeth while eating some thing really hot or cold has been reduced now. Mt teeth now feels so clean. I feel really refreshed when ever I use it.

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