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2 years ago

Best for daily wear


Lightly pigmented

Good for daily wear

Keeps lips moisturized

Usually I prefer lipsticks which are matte and non transferable. But using these lipsticks makes your lips too dry I and you need a very good moisturiser to keep your lips in good condition. Hence I only wear matte lipsticks occasionally. on daily basis I prefer something which keeps my lips moisturized and at the same time gives a little shine and shade to my lips. usually glosses available in the market doesn't come with shades they are transparent and and it doesn't look good.NYX Butter Gloss comes in 30 different shades and it does its job well. It keeps your lips moisturized for a longer time and I prefer wearing it on daily basis. Although its fragrance is too strong for my liking but it can be ignored keeping in mind that it's a good pigmented Gloss that one can wear on daily basis. I have not tried all of the shades but they every few brands who have so many shades in the gloss range.

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