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2 years ago

Perfect Solution for Perfectly Tamed Eyebrows




Stay for long

Spoolie attached to pencil

Available in different shades

Eyebrows if tamed properly and and are in good shape can make a huge difference. Eyebrows can make or break your look. I have fuller eyebrows which needs to be tamed every 10-15 days and whenever I get late in doing it every person notices it it and it's quite embarrassing for me I actually lose confidence and don't feel like going out. so I make sure to make my eyebrows every 10 to 15 days now that's not all. I have little gaps in between and just by filling those little gaps and brushing it properly into a nice shape it gives such a defined and sharp look to my face. So I always make sure to do my eyebrows before leaving my home. since the time I started feeling the gaps I have tried many eyebrow pencils starting from the basics of the Indian brands and now I've come to a point where I have started experimenting with international brands as well. NYX is a well known brand and on every girl's wish list. So I got my hands on NYX Micro Brow Pencil from Sephora. I pick up the shade Brunette which worked well for me. So right from the first use I fell in love with it it's such a superb eyebrow pencil which relies on to your eyebrow effortlessly. It's quite pigmented and just few strokes is all you need. it's waxy enough to stay all long throughout the day and you don't need to touch up your eyebrows at least for 24 hours. Also I have use this pencil on a beach vacation and I was surprised it stayed for a good good long day without melting or without becoming cakey or smudge out. the best part is it comes with us spooly at the back of the pencil. filling your eyebrows is not enough you need to brush it properly to shape it into the perfect arch you need. the brush has proper braces not too hard not too soft and it gives a very nice shape evenly distributing the the pigmentation from the pencil. although it's little pricey but one single pencil can go for about 6 months so its not a bad deal after all.

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