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2 years ago

Contouring made easy


Blends well

Picks the right amount of product

Easy to work with

Contouring is one of the major steps of makeup and it's also one of the latest trends to give a dimension to your face. Hence I always make sure to contour my face because once you apply a foundation all your highest points and hollows are subdued with the foundation and your face becomes like a blank canvas. To bring back the dimension want to reading is very very important but it's also very tricky and if you got slightly wrong with that it can definitely break your look. so big show to control your face with the right product as well as with the right brush yes brush plays and equal part in contouring and not just only the contour product.MAC Large Angled Contour Brush 168 is just superb the angle on the brush picks up the right amount and it flawlessly delivers the powder on to your face. This brush has made my makeup routine so much easier and I highly recommend it.

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