NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper Reviews

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2 years ago

Good for professionals


Reduces shine

Absorbs oil

Matte finish


so if you have oily skin which sweats a lot and if you staying in humid city like Mumbai you will face a lot of makeup disasters. so I would leave my house with a perfect looking face but in the middle of the day my face would shine a lot and word reflect. NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper was something I read about and thought of trying it out specially in summers. I have seen professional makeup artist using and recommending such blotting papers. so once I used it and it definitely absorbs all the shine and the sweat and the oil but at the same time it did pick up little of the foundation which gave A patchy look to my face. So either I didn't use it properly or it is meant for professional makeup artist only. so few know how to use it you should definitely go it with it maybe I'll give it a try once more to see how it works.

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