MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 Reviews

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2 years ago

Not upto the mark


Blends well

Fluffy bristles

Mac is one of the oldest companies to manufacture makeup brushes and still they are at the top most position. I have few of the brushes and I absolutely love their eye makeup brushes. So when I got to know about this MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 I wanted to try out but I was lucky enough as one of my friend had it so instead of buying this brush I used her brush for few days as we where staying together on a business tour. Because I need to think twice before buying an expensive brush. So I was expecting too much out of it as I have already used there brushes so I had a very high expectation but it did not meet those expectations at all. I was thinking of it as a stippling brush used for foundation but it turned out to be just normal brush which is only good for applying powder products.

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