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1 year ago

Good for oily skin



Gentle formula

Ideal for oily and acne prone skin

during summers my skin becomes very very bad and the extra excretion of oil glands on my face makes my life very difficult. so as it summer I apply a lot of sunscreens also due to a lot of products used on my face every summer I get a lot of acne and issues regarding it. Due to oily skin, I have been facing acne problems since my teenage days. I make sure to use different face wash during that period where my acne are very prominent and specifically go for face wash or face cleanser which is made for acne-prone skin. Ozone Acne Check Face Wash has some beautiful ingredients like turmeric and lemon which are very good for acne and so I picked it up this summer and I just loved it. turmeric is very good for acne in fact after washing it with this particular facewash I used to put turmeric paste on my acne.

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