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1 year ago

Good for sensitivity


Mint flavour


after pregnancy and delivering my baby I faced a lot of dental issues which I had never ever faced in my life. I was worried and then it was told by my dentist that during pregnancy the calcium is absorb a lot by a body and either you have to take its reflection table tablets to restore it so guess the the teeth become very sensitive and fragile and easily it becomes prone to sensitivity. So I faced a lot of sensitivity I could not eat or drink hot or very cold or sweets without pain. So my dentist suggested me ICPA Thermoseal Repair Toothpaste. I love it's minty flavour and I just brush my teeth with it like a regular toothpaste twice a day one in the morning and one before going to sleep and within 10 days I could see the difference there was no sensitivity I could drink cold drinks and have hot tea without any pain.

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