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1 year ago

Best antioxidant for daily use



Instant refreshment



the day I started drinking green tea I can see a vast different in the overall health. So I started having green tea with the intention of losing weight but I never knew that green tea has a lot of other properties as well. It is one of the best antioxidants for your body and it along with helping in weight loss it also helps in keeping your body calm and cool as it has many inflammatory properties. So I also faced some acidity issues so before sleeping I drink one cup of green tea which really helps me in dealing with the acid reflux. My favourite brand has always been tetley. Tetley Green Tea With Lemon & Honey is my current favourite because it makes your morning routine so easy you don't have to find lemon and honey and waste your five minutes of your morning in mixing it it already has a lemon and honey which makes it easier.

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