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1 year ago

Good for massages


Safe on chemically treated hair

Instant effective results

Ouai Hair Oil is one of my favourite hair oil for massaging the scalp. So after long tiring day I love nice massages before going to bed and this particular hair oil is one of my favourite these days as it contains some of the very good ingredients and some from Africa as well so the blend of different essential oils make the hair oil of complete product for your head. I have a treat hair and coloured one so I need extra special care so I make sure that I don't use any other hair oil but some special hair oils with special ingredients. it has a lovely fragrance to it little different than the usual heroines and that's what I like about it full stop the only part is that yes it is expensive and it comes in the tiny bottle so I just keep this particular one for my scalp massage I don't put it all over the hair.

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