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1 year ago

Good for tan removal


Pleasant fragrance


There any numerable pros of going for waxing instead of shaving Thor Razer or laser. I always prefer waxing my hands legs nandram due to time constant I have opted for shaving with them. But still whenever I go on a vacation and want to get rid of the tan on my body I opt for waxing and specially for chocolate wax because it has some properties which lighten your skin and chocolate wax is one of the best for tan removal. But again as I said it's very difficult to go to the salon and get it done I have got this Sleek Chocolate Wax tub and it becomes easier for me to do it at home. also is less painful as compared to the regular wax. All you have to do is just heat this plastic jar into the microwave and you are good to go use it with a good stick or butter knife.

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