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2 years ago

Very nice highlighter


as now a days makeup is all about the glow Shine and the dewy skin, one just cannot do without a highlighter to be precise a liquid highlighter. today I am going to talk about the makeup Revolution liquid highlighter. it comes in 12 Shades to choose from. it says it can be used as it is as a highlighter or can be mixed in the foundation for that dewy Skin effect. as it is a liquid highlighter it has a nice smooth texture which blends very well into the skin. it is quite blendable with your fingers as well. it does contain minute shimmer particles actually look good when applied as a highlighter. it comes in a nice attractive glass bottle with a dropper for easy and hygienic application. but care should be taken as it is a glass bottle and there are chances of breakage. I even tried mixing with my foundation and applying for that dewy Skin effect. I I am not much impressed. as the shimmer particles in the product spread all over your face, I am not a big fan of shimmer all over. I feel shimmer is best restricted to the highlighting points of the face like cheekbones nose Bridge and forehead. it is it also did not cause me any breakouts also it doesn't settle in the fine lines.

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