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2 years ago

Nice and hydrating


I have curly hair and with curls comes the problem of dry frizzy hair. curly Hai need a lot of moisture and nourishment to keep the frizz away. most of the shampoos available strips the natural moisture of my hair making my curly hair all the more dry frizzy and therefore unmanageable. then one of my friends suggested me to try matrix biolage hydrasource shampoo. it contains Aloe extracts which is known to to be a boon for your hair. the shampoo comes in a very cute packaging white and purple combination, with flip cap. it is easy to use and doesn't leak when shutdown properly. the actual shampoo is white in colour. it has a sort of fragrance to it but it doesn't lingers around for a long time. this shampoo doesn't lather much which made me to think it may be it will not be able to clear the oil of my hair. but to my surprise it not only clear my hair and scalp of Dirt and grime but also left my hair super soft and hydrated. it didn't strip my hair of their natural moisture but in fact provided them with extra hydration and nourishment, resulting in smooth silky and manageable hair.

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