MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush Reviews

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2 years ago



Blends well

Picks the right amount of product

Easy to work with

Soft bristles


I am using Mac large angled contour brush number 168 for quite some time now. when it comes to makeup and makeup brushes there is no match for Mac. with you can be sure that the product though expensive, is totally worth it. it is the same with this angled contour brush. it is a soft bristle brush which has the perfect fluff and the angle best suitable for contouring specially the cheekbones and the jawline. this contour brush is a bit large for contouring smaller areas like the nose. it is very easy to clean also it doesn't shed at all, at least is not noticeable to me. this brush picks up the right amount of product every single time, ensuring minimum wastage and I wonder how it does so. also it is a versatile blush which I use for application of thicker foundations as well as application of blush.

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