NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.9


2 years ago

Must have for oily skin


Reduces shine

Absorbs oil

Matte finish

Refreshes skin


Easy to use


the nyx professional makeup blotting paper is a boon for people like me with oily skin. people with oily skin always struggle 4 to 5 hours after application of the makeup as their face start producing specially the T zones and the face starts feeling Shiny greasy and easily attracts all the dust. but from the time I got this nyx professional makeup blotting paper able to get rid of this oily skin problem. it comes and 4 variant and I have the green tea variant. it doesn't have any kind of smell to it which is good. also does a pretty good job of absorbing the extra oil from my face without disturbing smudging my makeup. sit comes in a sleek packaging which you can easily carry in your purse or even in your wallet. also it doesn't irritate my skin a bit so beauties with sensitive skin can also give it a try.

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