MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.8


2 years ago

Long last and versatile


Picks the right amount of product

Blends well

Fluffy bristles

Can be used for texturing

Soft and effective

we all want that one makeup brush which will meet most of our makeup needs and that one makeup brush is the Mac duo fibre face brush ##187. I agree expensive brush and I was very sceptical to buy it but on insistence of my friend who is a makeup artist I went ahead and got this duo fibre face brush for myself and I can't be more thankful. it is worth every penny it is such a superior quality that it is going to last for years to come. it is a super soft brush with the right amount of fluff. coming to its usage there are many. we can use to apply our Foundation both cream and liquid, for the application of loose powder or compact powder for setting the makeup, for the blushes cream as well as powder. also it does not bleed and doesn't shed bristles which is what is going to make it last forever.

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