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2 years ago

7 steps facial





Makes skin radiant

Removes tan

I am regular facial person but I like to do my facial at home with home facial kits. I have dreads pleasing reviews about the aroma magic bridal glow facial kit and decided to try it myself. facial kit provides a seven step intense skin treatment that detoxifies and revitalizes our skin. the seven steps in this facial regime includes 1. creamy face cleanser 2. exfoliating gel 3. skin serum 4. nourishing cream 5. face pack 6. hydrating gel 7. sunscreen the facial cleanser is a creamy cleanser which left my skin clean and free of dirt oil and grime. it has a nice and mild smell. the exfol gel is a thick pink gel, but sadly doesn't contain any scrubbing particles or beads. as instructed I kept it on my face for 10 minutes and then removed it by scrubbing it, and it did exfoliate my skin very well. the skin serum comes in a glass ampule and we have to be very careful with it. the serum is very light water based and non sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin. this serum is supposed to help with rejuvenating the skin, it also has anti aging properties. massage cream order nourishing cream is quite thick in texture and would suit normal to dry skin very well. since I have oily skin I use very tiny amount of it and did not leave it on my skin for long. the face pack contains AHA which is supposed to be an anti ageing ingredient. this package supposed to be mixed with the hydrating gel provided. gazal is yellow in colour with thick consistency and when mixed with pack it becomes easier to apply the pack on the face. this mixture works very well as the back and instantly soothes and calms my skin. the last of the sunscreen is very important as it is a must to apply sunscreen after the facial. my experience with this facial has been very coming soothing and definitely very hydrating to my skin

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