Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer Reviews

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2 years ago



Reduces large pores

Long-lasting effect

All skin types

Enhances makeup longevity


Smooth silicone gel

Easy to carry

Thick smooth consistency

Crease free

A few days back I ran into the lotus makeup ecostay insta smooth perfecting primer and Lotus being one of my favourite drugstore brands of makeup and skincare products I didn't think twice before purchasing it. we all know the importance of primer in makeup and specially we girls with oily skin. basically a primer helps to cover up the unevenness of the skin texture by filling up the pores and fine lines of the face providing a smooth base for the makeup. it also make sure that the makeup last long. this primer by Lotus comes in a very cute pink and transparent tube packaging like all their other products from the ecostay range. it is very convenient and easy to carry around in your purse. this primer is a silicone based primer and has a gel like consistency. it is clear gel which is a little thick butts press very easily on the skin. it doesn't make me all sweaty after application. just tiny amount is needed to cover my face completely with the primer so this small tube is going to really last long. it absorbs quickly into the skin covering up my open pores and fine lines instantly giving me a smooth base for my makeup. I have oily skin and it doesn't break out my skin also I have noticed that this primer helps to control the secretion of oil on my face for a good 4-5 hours. yes it does help my makeup stay a little longer. also this primer has hydrating properties and it doesn't make my skin very dry or stretchy post application. but I feel people with dry skin will need an extra layer of moisturizer as it might not be that hydrating for dry skin people.

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