Lotus Herbals Apriscrub Fresh Apricot Scrub Reviews

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2 years ago




Suitable for all skin types

Tube packaging


I clearly remember my first facial scrub and sunscreen that I purchased in college was from Lotus brand. hence Lotus branded beauty product are special for me plus most of their products work amazingly well. I can say this is one drugstore brand of makeup and skincare products which is very affordable and delivers the desired results. Lotus Herbals apriscrub fresh Apricot scrub claims to contain apricot extracts which helps to to Deep cleanse the skin, important a natural glow along with increasing the elasticity of the skin. I have oily skin which is sensitive sentence to break out easily hence I am always a little sceptical when trying new products. but since you are the brand we are talking about is Lotus which is trustworthy I went ahead with this scrub. the tube comes in a opaque Tu packaging which is very convenient travel friendly as well as hygienic. it contains a mild nutty smell which doesn't last long. the Scrub is skin texture containing tiny granules which helps exfoliate the skin. but one has to be very careful because if we apply a little pressure while exfoliating with this scrub it can lead to skin abrasions. I normally exfoliate my skin with this scrub twice a week. I wash off my face with cold water and it does my skin squeaky-clean. it remove the dirt and oil as well as the white heads very effectively. the good part is even though I have oily skin it doesn't break me out. but I have observed that this scrub is not very effective on blackheads specially the stubborn ones around my nose area. overall I would say it's an amazing product at this price.

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