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2 years ago

Face mask


Deeply cleanses skin

Removes suntan

Hygienic tube packaging

Easy to carry

I am a fan of face mask. I feel face mask instantly rejuvenates the tired skin and provides the necessary freshness. So I like to try different mask and see what works best for me. few weeks ago I came across the bobbi brown instant detox mask. now since I love bobbi brown products can I trust the brand completely, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. also the fact that it cleans to provide instant detox to the skin is what tempted mean to buy this face mask in spite of it being very expensive. bobbi brown says that this mask deep cleanses the skin of impurities, pollutants and excess oil without stripping the skin of natural oils and making it dry. it also claims to help in minimising the pores. I particularly love the packaging of this face mask by bobbi brown. comes into form unlike the other face mask which comes in a tab packaging. I find it more hygienic, convenient and travel friendly. it is grey in colour like most of the clay mask we get. it is thick in consistency but spreads easily on the skin. you have to apply a thin layer of the face mask on the skin. the best part is that it takes hardly 5 to 7 minutes for it to dry completely. I have used a few face mask which takes minimum half an hour to dry. once it dries up each and every for the skin is visible, which means its working on the pose and cleansing it as it claims. it really gets rid of all the tan, dirt, impurities and excess oil and deep cleanses my skin leaving it fresh and rejuvenated. but it does not do much for the blackheads aur whiteheads.

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