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2 years ago

Contour brush


Easy to wash and dry

No shedding of bristles

Works well with powdery products

we can all agree that it is very important to have good makeup brushes to achieve the perfect in flawless makeup look. for some time now I was looking out for a good contouring brush. after my bit of research and reading reviews I decided to purchase the nyx Pro contour brush. nyx says it is a tapered round brush perfect to control the cheeks, jawline and forehead to achieve that sculpted look. it is made with natural fibres. the brush comes in a very basic packaging, wraped in a thin plastic cover. it is a completely black brush with long black handle and black bristles, which gives it a very classy look. the natural fibres of the brush are soft but not as soft as I was expecting it to be. not coming to the usage pert, I like how it applies my powder blushes and bronzer and blends really well. but when it comes to contouring product specially the cream contours, it has not impressed me much. it doesn't blend the product very well into the skin. this brush is very easy to clean and comes out clean in just one time. also there is no shading of the bristles during usage and even during wash. that way was quite sturdy. I have been using this brush from last three four months and I have noticed that the bristles have kind of lost their shape and have strayed. now this is not something which is expected from a brand like nyx. so my overall verdict will be that this brush is good to apply powder products specially blusher and bronzer but when it comes to contouring specially the cream contours it doesn't do much.

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