Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo Reviews

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1 year ago

Olaplex shampoo


Good for color treated hair

Makes hair soft and manageable

abe hair gets damaged on a daily basis because of the pollution and also because of the different colour treatments and things we do for our hair. A bond maintenance shampoo re-links the broken bonds of the hair, protecting and repairing the damaged hair thereby reducing the frizz and split ends. my hair was very damaged due to all the colour that I had done in the past few years. had become very fragile and frizzy and easily breakable. I got the olaplex number 4 bond maintenance shampoo after reading a lot of positive reviews about the same. the amount of shampoo that we get is quite good, and this shampoo will last long as a little amount of the product is needed for it to lather well. it doesn't try out my hair and makes it more manageable. this sulphate free shampoo list my hair and scalp squeaky clean without drying or damaging it any further

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