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2 years ago

Kaytra shampoo


kaytra shampoo contains argan and coconut oil, and we all know that argan as well as coconut oil has a lot of benefits for hair. argan oil is known to treat damaged hair and prevent frizz, where as coconut oil is known its properties to reduce hair fall and promote new hair growth. I have curly hair which tends to become very frizzy and rough. this shampoo is very thick in consistency and only a small amount is needed for it to lather well and cleanse the hair properly. but the only drawback is that this shampoo contains SLS which means does not totally chemical free. sls in the shampoo tends to make my hair dry. also it does not do much to cut out the frizz from my hair. it does make my hair soft and manageable, which tangles less. but it does nothing to tame the frizz as it claims.

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