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2 years ago



Goodness of 40+ herbs

Strengthens immune system

Suitable for all age groups

with every change of season me and my kids fall ill and then starts the routine of allopathic medicines for weeks together. one of my friend who is an Ayurvedic practitioner advise me to improve the immunity of my kids and myself, which will help to fight the illness that comes along with the seasonal changes. he suggested to consume chyawanprash on a regular basis to improve immunity. I ordered patanjali chyawanprash as it is a trusted Ayurvedic brand as well as very affordable when compared to other brands available in the market. it contains Amla which is a great source of vitamin C and powerful antioxidant which place the main role in building up of the immunity. along with that it contains 40 Ayurvedic herbs which is definitely an added advantage. me and my kids are taking patanjali chyawanprash from last 3 months and I am so happy that this winters neither my kids nor me fell ill. the only drawback is that it taste a little weird.

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