Neutrogena Age Shield Face Oil Free Lotion Sunscreen SPF 110 Reviews

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1 year ago

Oil-free sunscreen


Prevents early signs of ageing

Constitutes spf110


Neutrogena age Shield face oil-free lotion sunscreen is said to not only protect the skin from sun damage but also provides superior anti-aging protection. It is an oil-free lotion suitable for all skin types. It comes in a tube-like packaging the cap of which shuts tight so it is quite convenient and travel-friendly. I find this lotion from Neutrogena a little creamy for a lotion. The texture of this cream is not heavy and glides easily on the skin. When initially applied on the skin it feels a little oily but after a few minutes, it settles down and gets absorbed into the skin delivering a very Matte effect. During winters, it moisturizes my skin amazingly and it eliminates the need for an extra moisturizer. Also, it makes my skin soft and smooth. For summers, I find it a little heavy, not that it gave me pimples or something, but I have noticed that my T-zones become oily very soon, so I reserve this face lotion to be used in winters. Also, this lotion is paraben-free which is an additional benefit.

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