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1 year ago



Absorbs easily.

Suits sensitive skin.

Treats dry skin.

I got this Dermadew Aloe Lotion as it was prescribed by the dermatologist for my mom as she was suffering from dry rough patches on her skin due to allergy. it comes in with A Screw cap that shuts tight. the overall packaging is very basic but quite hygienic and travel friendly. the lotion is white in colour with a little runny consistency. it has a very lightweight texture and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. the smell of this cream is amazing and very soothing and relaxing. this cream when applied gives a cooling sensation, but that cooling sensation doesn't last for more than half an hour. this cream gets absorbed into the skin very quickly and his name starts feeling dry after just 4 to 5 hours application and needs frequent application. as for the dry patches, my mum was able to completely recover from them in just few weeks of regular application.

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