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1 year ago

Skin essence


Can be used overnight.


Does not cause breakouts.

Suits all skin types.

SK II Facial Treatment Essence claims to reduce fine lines, eliminate wrinkles and promote healthy skin. I am really happy to say that this product totally delivers what it claims. it is pH balanced and is suitable for all skin types. it has a very lightweight texture that gets quickly absorbed into the skin without making the skin oily or greasy. I have very oily acne-prone skin thankfully this product did not give me any pimples. I had a lot of age-related dark spots and blemishes on my skin. I am using this skin essence for more than 6 months now and I have noticed that my blemishes and dark spots have reduced a lot. also, my skin feels more tight and even-toned. I used it before going to bed and get up in the morning with fresh and replenished skin I cannot comment on wrinkles as I don't have fun but I am sure it will work on wrinkles as well as it is working very well on my fine lines. and using regularly and have noticed that my skin has become more soft plump and glowing .the only disappointment is that it comes in glass packaging which is very fragile and not at all travel-friendly.

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