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1 year ago

Trikatu tablets


Free from sugar.

No artificial colors.

off late my husband was facing a lot of digestive issues like constipation, acidity and bloating. it had also led to a loss in his appetite. we consulted an Ayurvedic practitioner who suggested Himalaya Wellness Trikatu tablets. it is 100% herbal tablets which contain trikatu that helps to calm down the digestive system and relieve constipation and other related problems. it also contains pepper and ginger that also aids healthy digestion. my husband is taking this tablet regularly twice a day from last one month. right in the first week he could see a difference in his acidity and bloating. also his constipation problem is solved now. we can also notice a positive increase in his appetite. since these tablets are Ayurvedic, it has not given any side effects to my husband. these tablets are absolutely safe as it contains no added flavour or artificial colors. it is also free from added sugar and preservatives.

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