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1 year ago

Shikakai powder



Natural ingredients

i was having terrible hair fall for quite sometime and that is when i decided to go natural when it comes to my hair oil and shampoo. i came across Karthika Shikakai Powder which claims to be 100% natural containing shikakai and hibiscus which us known to be very beneficial to hair health. it comes in a powder form which is to be mixed with water to form a paste, which is then used to wash the hair and scalp. it smells very herbal. the powder lathers little bit, but nothing like commercial shampoos. but when it come to cleaning the hair and scalp it does a very good job. i have oily scalp that attracts a lot of dust and dirt. it cleanses my scalp perfectly. but the only downside is it makes my hair little rough and dry. but the dryness is less when i apply a hair oil before washing.

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