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1 year ago

Pain relief spray


Easily available

Volini is one of the oldest and most trusted brand of pain relievers in India. I have always used Volini gel whenever I had muscle pains, cramps or so on.of late i was suffering from terrible back ache and was in medication. apart from medicines i was looking out for something that would give me instant relief. one of my friends told me that Volini Pain Relief Spray is more effective than the gel and convinced me to take it for myself. since it is from a brand like volini i didn't think twice before taking it. it comes in spray bottle which is very convenient. it does give instant relief from pain when applied, but the relief is temporary and the pain comes back in 2-3 hours. moreover this away evaporates very fast. i hardly must have used to around 10-15 times and it got over. i prefer the gel over this spray.

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