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1 year ago

Sanitizer spray




Mild on your skin

one has to be so careful regarding personal hygiene as so many infections are rampant nowadays. I always make it a point to carry a sanitizer in my purse and do the same with my kids. the problem with sanitizer bottles is that they spill even if the cap is slightly loose. that is when I came across this sanitizer spray pen for. savlon. savlon is an age-old trusted brand and that is also one reason I went ahead and purchased it without any worries. it very compact any easy to carry around. it fits without any effort in my kid's pencil box. it comes with a dispenser which the sorays the right amount of product everytime, also it is spill proof. the sanitizer by Avalon is very gentle on the skin, it doesn't dry out the skin, making it perfect for kids as well. it effectively kills the bacteria and germs.

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