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1 year ago

Eyeliner pencil


I am in eyeliner and Kajal person and hence when I came across Coloressence Eyeliner Pencil I had to give it a try. this I pencil comes in a table pencil form which I am not a big fan of, as you have to sharpen the pencil every few days which leads to wastage. I find the retractable eye pencil more convenient. the coming to the pigmentation part this eyeliner pencil is quite pigmented. it is not the darkest black but it is quite dark. it is a very smooth eye pencil and glides on easily on your eyelids without any tugging and pulling. now I have very oily eyelids and sadly this eyeliner pencil smudges in just a couple of hours after application. also, the claim that this liner pencil is smudge-proof and long-lasting is a little exaggerated as it hardly lasts for a couple of hours and starts smudging.

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