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1 year ago

Hairgro gel


Homoeopathic formula

a few months back i was facing a lot of hair fall die to which i was facing the problem of hair thinning. then my friend who is an ayurvedic practitioner suggested to use Fourrts Hairgro Gel . it is a homoeopathic gel which helps to curb hair loss and promote new hair growth. it is made from natural ingredients and is completely free from harmful chemicals.since it is a homeopathic formula which has over few chances of side effects, i decide to give it a try. this gel is to be applied on the scalp 3-4 times a day. the gels gives a slight burning sensation when applied. i used this gel regularly for about a week then to my utter shock my scalp had dandruff all over. before this i never had dandruff problem. i immediately stopped using it and my dandruff reduced and eventually vanished.

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