Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Shower Gel Reviews

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1 year ago

Body wash


Mild and Pleasant Fragrance.

Does npt leave skin dry.

off late I was looking out for some good body wash for my skin as the soap tends to over dry my skin and leave it it dull and stretchy. then I happen to come across Palmolive thermal spa skin renewal shower gel. the main thing that attracted me to the shower gel is that it contains jojoba butter extracts along with crushed coconut extracts and both of these ingredients are known to give very hydrated and soft skin. this shower gel from Palmolive smells amazing and lathers very well. just a small amount of this product on the loofah is enough. but sadly the smell of this body wash doesn't linger around for a long time after bath. it's not only Clans is the skin but also exfoliates it removing the dead skin cells. it leaves me with super soft and smooth skin.

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