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1 year ago

Gel cream


VLCC’s natural science white and bright glow gel-cream is an Ayurvedic cream that is enriched with essential healing oils, vitamins and antioxidants. this cream was suggested to me by my very good friend as I having a lot of tan on my skin. this cream claims to whiten and brighten the skin. I have used a lot of VLCC facial kit and have really loved them. also, this is an Ayurvedic cream which leads me to actually go ahead and try it. the cream is gel-based and is not very heavy on the skin. I have oily skin and it suits me very well. it moisturizes my skin without making it very oily. I am using this cream for more than 6 weeks now and I didn't get any pimples. but my big disappointment the cream did not help me to get rid of my tan. it moistures well but doesn't whiten the skin.

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