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2 years ago

Thin eye brow ladies, this is for you!!


I very recently wanted to gift a very dear friend something that she has been wanting for quite some time now. It was her birthday and she wanted an eye brow pencil. She always complained of now bad her eye brows were and how hard it is for her to find something which is easy to use. After a lot of check and review reading I settled down to NYX Micro brow Pencil. The pencil is thin, sleek and has a brush which is very little to one side. It’s basically used for colouring the smallest of smallest hair in the brow. This would make the eye brow look fuller and thick. My friend loved it!! She has always complained of how thin her eye brows were. She used to tell me on my face that she always wanted eye brows like mine as mine are quite thick. I had that hesitation of too gift or not to gift a product that was not self-tried or self-tested. But then this little magic pencil did the trick. She drew her eye brows one day in front of me. They looked fab. She was flattered. She had a happy face. And I felt content that day. Was not going to regret this buy. She told me that the pencil being small it’s very easy to draw in the small areas where the other pencils might not be able to. She told me the texture is smooth. Very easy to drag. The strokes are very easy to make. She was not content with the quantity though. The eyebrow pencil got over pretty quick. Hers got over in a matter of within a month. I am very sure she used them daily. But then even I feel you would want the product to come a little longer than a month for sure!!

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