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2 years ago

This is the product for all lipstick lovers!!


Milani lipstick has some good pigmentation. The texture is creamy here again. The consistency is lightweight, thin but not watery or greasy, easily spreadable, which made it easy to put the product along with the lips and edges of the lips. I love the darker, matte colours. The range of colours Milani lipsticks give is one of my favourite in my lipstick box. Generically we start off with the liner, the lip liner, draw your lip so that its easy to follow the lines, apply a lip balm so that the lipstick next which has to be applied does not sit dry on your lips. Post that generously use the lipstick. For the Milani lipstick range I feel we can ditch the routine!! Break the monotony, you will love the feeling of only lipstick on your lips. I can't say enough good things about this product. Every little aspect is great. The richness, the nourishment, the longevity, all of it!! If you're a lipstick lover like me, having one of these with you at all times is a must. It goes on smooth, the colour is bold , I suppose mostly the darker shades, I haven’t really tried the lighter one’s as I'm not much a nude lip person. I don’t like the lighter shades on me. Person to person again. The variety is huge so you will not be disappointed. The only negative for me is it was a little hard for me to find a shade as sometimes the colour appeared a little different than it looked on the case, the one I got was brighter than I expected and didn’t look right but once you find your right shade that you will like or just love them, they are just awesome. I recommend these to anyone who wants a lipstick. The appeal is just wow. Looks absolutely great outside as well from the inside. Neat and sturdy!!

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