Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Reviews

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2 years ago

You are worth it!!


The Lakme brand is one of those old and long lasting brands which was made with the mind set to stay!! No matter how many brands come in and go this brand is here to live! Lakme knows how to please people. I was initially waiting for Lakme to introduce us to the primer. They didn’t have one for a very long time. And when it was introduced I am very sure a lot of them would have been happy. It’s always comforting to know that your loyal product is back with something new to try out. The packing will not disappoint you. Lakme is very neat with designing the covers and the tubes. Very sleek and nice. The black colour is just wow. That was again a plus for me as I just love the colour black. You can use the tube to bring out a little primer. A little will work.That little will stay for a very long time. So just put a little and forget about it! It does have a matte finish and can be best used under the make-up. It even out your skin and becomes very easy in turn to apply make-up. In fact it can be used before and with no make-up as well. The finish is beautiful. If you are looking for nourishment I suppose it would be disappointing. My skin being dry, I was not very content with it but then it just worked ok for me. I still will recommend the product for its various benefits than not to recommend just because of one con. I can overlook that. It’s worth it!! Totally worth it!! Travel friendly packing, one use for everything, absolute wow finish, great after looks use and easy to remove as well. Its waterproof ladies!! What more would you want at an affordable price!! Go for it!!

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