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2 years ago

Olaplex – Use it and then speak for it!!


Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is a hair protector or a perfecter. I call it my hair protector because I have seen visible difference in my hair texture and volume. Olaplex again is not a brand which would advertise its benefits. Word of mouth here again. You have No1 and 2 and other numbered products as well. I wonder why these choose to number their products. This no 3 product is best used as a perfector. You still need to use your shampoo and conditioner. Before a wash I would recommend apply the perfector for about 30 minutes. And then go for the shampoo. If you want spa like hair try this at home. But then get ready to spend some time on yourself. I have had tremendous hair loss over the period. After delivery it even got worse. The want for smooth and straight hair never leaves me. This want of mine made my straighten my hair 3 to 4 times. I even bought these straighteners for the need of straight hair. That ended up damaging my hair even more. Just not the right way I was choosing. Regular hair spa’s still made my hair just manageable. But then this was not really working for me as I could not spend almost every weekend at a salon for a hair spa. That where my search began for hair spa like treatment at home. Here I found Olaplex!! A little too bit expensive but then at least worth it than the regular spa’s that you have to get for your damaged hair. Not to worry that you are spending so much on one product but then trust me ladies it really makes your hair look smooth, healthy and there is so much volume gain!! You will love it. This one is here to solve all your hair problems!! Try it one and leave your worries behind.

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