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2 years ago

Cat eyes, you will love it!!


NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Liner is the perfect eyeliner that one is looking for!! A Matte finish is something that anyone will want and long for. This is that one product which gives you that. The liner is very smooth and super dark. Someone who does not want a dark eyeliner, this is not for you. Because this is jet black. It will be visible. The texture of the eyeliner is not runny neither it is too dry. Both ways it works perfectly. Dries up quick when you start applying. So you need to be quick. It dried to give you a perfect Matte finish. Looks great like that. The packing is great. The brush is just super awesome!! The thin brush is very easy to hold and draw. The tip of the brush works easily on the edges to draw. Its intense black colour looks great on thick eyes to be drawn. The cat eyes look amazing with it. Someone who wants a little thin line on their eyes you can try this. But then a little thicker line will look even more beautiful. The liner is water proof. It would stay on for a long time. Now I mean that literally. It’s not easy to remove. You will have to wipe it off with a cleanser. It’s best removed only with them. Do not try to wash it away because you would be disappointed. It would smudge if you try and wash it. Then imagine yourself with proper dark black circles all over your eyes. Hence please remove the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Liner with a proper cleanser. Its best with that!! For the cost that this product comes for the quantity is just ok. Not great but then its long lasting and would not finish soon so it’s just fine!!

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