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MAC Powder Blush is designed by and for professionals to add a dose of color and freshness. The powder blush is lightweight and has a breathable consistency, and just a touch of it adds the right amount of natural glow to the cheeks, making them appear healthy and flushed. The color stays put all day, making your face look fresh, dewy, and healthy. The powder blush is available in 35 shades.

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MAC Powder blush is one such blush which is designed for professionals only. I wouldn’t want to buy this product for daily use. The goods are plenty. Like, Its blend able, Smooth, easy to apply, long wearing, light weight, travel friendly etc etc. My sister uses this product on a regular basis because of the job that she is into. She likes the colour or shade cocoa. This is for the dark skin. This shade was a soft brown with a faint shimmer which makes a great natural looking blush for dark skin specifically. The finish was lovely, but I am not sure how long she could have it on her. She says it stayed for a good 5 to 6 hours. Which is long lasting for me. When she went shopping one day she video called me and asked me which shade does she pick for me as she had a planned visit home. The colour range was wow. 35 shades to choose from. I choose the Breath of plum so that I have a very subtle finish and not to the eye. The wait was over. I finally tried it on!! Not happy folks!! Very difficult to apply. Extremely clumpy and not even. Coverage was not ok with me. Did a bad job blending. And yes, it is expensive!! Not suitable for my dry skin. I ended up giving it back to my sister as I was just not ok with it. Good she wanted a similar colour. Hence the product did not go waste. Packing is just ok. Not over the top. Has MAC engraved at the top and inside of the powder blush. The colours look good inside than on the outside. That’s again my opinion. People might love the colours. Probably it was just not happy with my skin tone or texture.

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