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2 years ago

Step 1 in your face care regime.


Clinique always stands out from the crowd by offering simple, affordable skin care with a step by step process. They don’t give everything in just one bottle. They follow a process, a plan to make sure the product works best on you. They for sure know how to get their products to work!! Gone are those days when people or users still use soaps. I mean, really who does? The liquid face washes are so easy to carry and use. I mean you don’t have to worry about packing the soap, using a container and all of that. It’s so much easier with a face wash!! The Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild comes in a sleek bottle with a dispenser. A very good packing. Absolutely neat and sturdy!! Travel friendly and leak proof. I have very dry skin. The step 1 of Clinique’s customized skin care routine is to use the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild. You do have different version basis your skin type. I used the extra mild soap as I do have sensitive skin as well. The extra mild liquid soap when used, I found the it to be like washing my face with a moisturizing cream. That good it was. Felt extremely pleasant. Use the dispenser to take a little of the wash, spread it well on your damp face, rub lightly letting the liquid settle in your skin and then rinse it well. One pump gives you a good quantity for the full face to be washed. The bottle lasts a long time and is well-designed to allow you to dispense almost every last drop. As with all Clinique products, this is fragrance-free. While this may not be the most beautiful or exciting product on your bathroom vanity, it does its job and delivers clean skin. And, proper cleansing is really the foundation upon what good skin care is built.

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