Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Powder Reviews

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2 years ago

Must buy!


Has healing properties

Keeps the vaginal area dry and fresh

Prevents odors

Prevents rashes, chafing, and itching

Controls sweat

Mild fragrance


Clean & Dry Daily Intimate Powder is a must use for all the ladies. This particular powder helps you remain clean and dry throughout the day. This is an FDA approved product! The powder is a blessing in disguise for the job it does at preventing vaginitis and other problematic issues like vaginal itching, burning, irritation, rashes from sanitary pads. I hate the days when the pads cause you this major discomfort! The product also covers or protects for the bad odour. I would definitely say and recommend this powder to all the ladies as it is always important to have selfcare. Only if you are healthy and neat you will be able to take care of everyone else. It is the utmost important thing! The product is wort every penny and is also affordable. You need not think so much before buying this one. If you still don’t own it, you have to buy it!

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