Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup Reviews

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2 years ago

Definitely Oil free!



Blends well

Great shade range

Sweat and humidity resistant

Long-wear formula

Controls shine and oil

Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup is only and only or the oily skin users. I wouldn’t find it suitable for the dry skin or even the combination skin users useful. This product controls the excess oil and also helps or resists the sweat. My sister has oily skin. As I have extremely dry skin I have not used this product but then my sister has used it and definitely recommends this one product to all the oily skin users. She claims it’s a definite try for the combination skin users as well but definitely a big no for the dry skin users. The Oil free makeup blends extremely well and has an amazing matte finish. The extra shine, glitter, oil and what not is very well controlled. The best thing that my sister found about the product was that it is paraben free and phthalate free. She recommends it and wants all of the oily skin users to try it for sure!

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