MAC Frost Powder Blush Reviews

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2 years ago

Shine on!


Easy to apply


Shimmering effect

Blendable colors

Decent coverage

MAC Frost Powder Blush is a great powder blush. It gives you the perfect finish. Not much of shimmer, I would say the right amount of powder will give you the right amount of shine. You should just know how much to use. It being a MAC product you should know by now that this is going to be expensive. Yes, this product is also very expensive. If you need to or want to buy any MAC product, you should keep it in mind that the cost is going to be high. The frost powder blush is available in shades. For me my favourites are the Margin and format. Try it and then I am very sure you will not regret the decision of buying this one. I personally loved it as it gave me a great and a neat look! It’s definitely worth it if you are thinking over it. I would recommend it for sure!

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