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The Avon True Color Luminous Concealer Stick is formulated with light diffusing pigments to add coverage and luminosity to the face. It gives a true skin feel with its creamy and blendable formula. The low price and easy access to the brand make it a very good option for beauty junkies on a budget. This product can be used to conceal dark spots, brighten undereyes, as a base for eyeshadow, and as a lip primer. The product is suitable for all skin types.

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Average concealer! Divya approves this product
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Creamy texture

The Avon True Colour Luminous Concealer Stick is a basic concealer. I was not mightily impressed with this one. The shade range is limited with this one. You have only 2 shades. The shades might not match what you are looking for. But then, if that’s the shade that you are looking for you have found a very good concealer in the cheapest price range. I was not happy but then my sister loved it. She was over the moon as she found something so nice and so affordable. Saying cheap is really not fine. The look that you will get is luminous. For someone who is starting to use the concealer for the first few time, I suppose this will be the best for you as you don’t have to invest much and also you need not worry or ask anyone to train you for the usage. The stick makes it very easy to hold and use it. The product brand might not be famous but then yes, there are quite a lot of products by Avon which are actually doing good. The stick can be used as a primer as well. Specifically for eye shadow. I have used the concealer stick as a multipurpose stick. When I say I hear it means it is my sister. Yes, she has used it as a multipurpose stick and yes she is super happy about the same. The best part was it is recommend for any type of skin users. My sisters skin is oily and also a combination skin during few climate changes. But then she didn’t find the concealer very sticky or even heavy on her face. The lasting effects were not that great but then she was content with whatever she got in the said and given cost!

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