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Nivea Creme Care Soap is the perfect everyday bathing essential. Unlike regular bar soaps, it contains moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin, not strip away its natural moisture. It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, supple, and ready to face a new day. It is ideal for all skin types, and gentle enough to not irritate your skin. It also has the signature Nivea Creme fragrance that lingers long after you step out of the shower, leaving you feeling refreshed and wide awake each morning.

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Cream soap! Divya approves this product
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Does not dry out your skin

Pleasant fragrance

Gentle formula

Nivea Creme Care Soap is the just the average little soap. I have moved away from the soap family. I am more of a body bath liquid person now. It’s so much easier. But the before that yes, I used to use soaps. That’s when I bought the Nivea Creme Care Soap. The names in fact says it all. The soap is cream based. This is the soap for the dry skin users. I am a dry skin user. I loved the fact that there was a soap and is a soap that does not dry out the skin. The disadvantage with the soap is that the dissolving of the soap happens pretty quick. I mean just place it in your bathroom soap holders, even a little water consistency stays on I am very sure the soap goes off in a Jiffy! I suppose that is like the universal problem with every soap. But then this soap is affordable, easy on the pockets and the most nourishing. The best part which I absolutely loved about the Nivea Creme Care Soap is that it didn’t dry out my skin for the entire day. The fragrance is something which I was disappointed with. It hardly had any fragrance. Even if there was any, it hardly stayed on. But then you can’t really expect much from the soap which is more inclined towards giving your nourishment and moisture to your dead skin! I would recommend this soap to all of them who are looking out for some moisture. This is worth the try and also worth the buy. I would rather put it up saying, it’s just a matter of few bucks, why don’t you test it and then decide if its best or not.

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