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The VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack is an effective formula for treating sun damage and reducing tan. It contains ingredients such as kaolin clay, mulberry extract, aloe vera extract, and pineapple to clear the deep-seated impurities and tan from your skin. It calms the skin's inflammatory response to the sun and nourishes it, leaving it feeling radiant and supple. It is a ready-to-use face pack formulated from only natural ingredients and is free from parabens. For best results, use this face pack twice weekly as a part of the VLCC Complete Tan Control Kit.

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The VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack is the home remedy for the tan problems! With VLCC I feel the need and the urge to rush to the parlour a little in fact way more less. Thanks to the products launched by VLCC. My mom had introduced me too VLCC. I will remain thank full to her for like forever. The amount of money we spent in the parlours is like a big bomb. But then with life and pocket saving saviours like these only are something to be always be thank full for. The product is definitely effective. The cost is also not on the higher side. The pricing with VLCC has always been reasonable. They are affordable and also they are easy to use. The steps are very easy and easy to apply as well. The VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack comes in a tube which makes it even more easy to apply. You don’t have to bother taking a bowl and mix it and then use a brush and all that. This tube is so easy to use. Just squeeze in a little apply it using your fingers and then rub well so that you don’t have any area un covered. A little addition of rose water will actually do more good. The effects of this face pack is very nice and evident. The skin not just clears it also gives you back your complexion. The fragrance can be super strong and don’t expect it to be mild. It might be a little too prickly for sensitive skin. And that’s why I recommend that users, wash their face and then apply the pack This will cause less burning sensation. But then it’s the best home remedy!

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